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If you think Da Vinci was a great artist, wait until you see the paintings of this fourteen (14) years old boy who might go down in history as one of the greatest artists of Africa.

Mark Corbina Aggray is a talented artist who can bring any image to live with just a sheet and pencil. He is so passionate about painting that he spends most of his free time drawing. He started painting at the age of seven.

Mark paintings are authentic and depict deep emotional meaning while throwing light on the realty of our current days.
He was born on July 25, 2006 in Monrovia to Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Aggray.

Mark is a 5th Grade student and has an ambition of becoming an Architect which we believe he will be great at with his level of creativity at this early age.

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With a beauty like Alicia Keys and moves like Shakira, Haleematu is definitely a sensation to venerate. Her moves remind us of Shakira’s 2005 single hips don’t lie. Haleematu Saadeyat Tunis was born on November 19, 2012 in Monrovia, Liberia to Mr. and Mrs. Tunis.She started dancing at the age of three (3). Haleematu has always been a music lover. According to Halematu’s parents, she could vibe to any music as early as one (1) year.She is not just talented in dancing; she is also an academic genius.She is a second grade student at the Soltiamon Christian School located in Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia.Haleematu’s ambition is to become a medical doctor to save lives.Please help Haleematu achieve her dream by sending any amount to this Mobile money numbers0881564350/0770390507 .Watch out for her live performance.The next guest will blow your mind((( 😳😳😳Please support in any way you can

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Can Murrina intelligence emerge her as Africa’s next female president?

With an IQ of 130, ten (10) years old Murrina is shifting the paradigm of girl’s education in Liberia. She is passionate about education, and it can be seen through topping her male counterparts in a local school she attends.

Murrina is in the third-grade class at the Rev. Dr. Emmanuel J. Hunter Memorial High School in the Airfield Lakpazee community.

She is a talented reader that never misses to pronounce a “d” in the past tense of a word or a “s” at the end of a word. She is cognizant of the proper effects and uses of punctuations as well.

Little Murrina can read any literature that comes her way just as a third-grade student. We can’t imagine what academic excellence she would achieve when she reaches the sixth-grade class.

Murrina is not just intelligent, but she has a dream that will drop your jaw.
Guess it.

You are wrong if you didn’t say PRESIDENT!
Murrina dream is to become the next female president of Liberia getting into the big footprint of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia.

We at Little Dream Big believe that she can.
What about you???