Artist News Talent Display


If you think Da Vinci was a great artist, wait until you see the paintings of this fourteen (14) years old boy who might go down in history as one of the greatest artists of Africa.

Mark Corbina Aggray is a talented artist who can bring any image to live with just a sheet and pencil. He is so passionate about painting that he spends most of his free time drawing. He started painting at the age of seven.

Mark paintings are authentic and depict deep emotional meaning while throwing light on the realty of our current days.
He was born on July 25, 2006 in Monrovia to Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Aggray.

Mark is a 5th Grade student and has an ambition of becoming an Architect which we believe he will be great at with his level of creativity at this early age.

Kid Rapper Talent Display

Meet Lil Mike, the 11 years old architectural rapper

Lil Mike, as he is affectionately called is an eleven years old rapper who believes that his lyrics can change the world for the better.
He believes that music should be used an instrument for change instead of mere entertainment.

Mike Foeday alias Lil Mike is a student of the Phebe community Lutheran High School in Bong County and he is currently in the 4th Grade class. He currently lives with his parents who have been extremely supportive towards his music career.
They have helped him to balance his education and his musical passion without one trying to affect the other.

Mike started growing interest in rap music at the age of four; at that same age mike was able to put his own freestyle together.

Unlike others local artists, Mike believes that education is the backbone for a successful.

He has an ambition of becoming an Architect while doing music part time.

Mike is such an amazing kid that we are glad to have on our platform.